We provide behavior, educational and social services that lead to long-term, positive change. We support children through adults, including their guardians, in being happy, well adjusted, thriving individuals.

We empower families; altering their perception of autism and related brain disorders bringing a newfound understanding, sensitivity and outlook to having and/or being a child with developmental challenges in the world.

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We use education and behavior change training programs; based upon the principles of learning; Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to systematically and effectively teach desired outcomes.  

We develop insightful teaching programs with the use of traditional and nontraditional teaching strategies.  We implement a comprehensive approach to instruction utilizing current research on brain based teaching

We base our guidance on positive behavioral supports and encourage perceptive understanding with insightful realization and sensitivity to the individual student’s past experience in learning.

We use a variety of instructional strategies including chaining, shaping, repetition, and motivation to promote children's development of critical thinking, problem solving, academic behavior and behavioral skills performance. 

We draw on objective data to plan, implement and evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions used to address skills and to construct optimal treatment outcomes.