Clinic or Home-Based ABA Individualized Teaching Sesssions

Social Skill Program for Early Childhood Development
Social skill program for School Aged Child
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Clinic or Home-Based ABA Individualized Teaching Sessions
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Applied Behavior Analysis is the optimal methodology used to alter the cognitive process in brain development for children with an autism spectrum or other related disorders.    It is the only methodology that has years of empirically based research behind its effectiveness and efficiency. 

The key to a solid ABA program is the curriculum, materials, consistency and prompt-prompt fade procedures used to guide students to independence.  ABA offers many tag lines such as discrete trial teaching, floor-time, verbal behavior and many more.  We use the technique that is most adaptable to your child’s learning style with collaboration from parents and other significant stake holders in the child’s life.

Learning takes place in an environment that is relaxed and non-threatening to your child.  Therapists are trained in sensitivity and naturally support and comfort your child by authentically connecting to him/her.  The professionals involved in treatment are sensitive to the child’s needs as well as the needs of the family.  Integrity and respect are the key ingredients to bonding with your family.