Specialized Early Intervention Program

Social Skill Program for Early Childhood Development
Social skill program for School Aged Child
Specialized Early Intervention Program
Clinic or Home-Based ABA Individualized Teaching Sessions
Recreational Programs

When a parent first hears the word autism, they are blind-sided by the implications that may lie ahead for their child and their life together. 

Our agency is exceedingly qualified to walk you through those first years of turmoil and beyond. 

Mommy and Me Music Therapy; changing the tempo of early intervention for families

Ages 12-36 months:

Program offers parents or significant others the opportunity to engage their child in enriching language and movement exercises with the guidance of a specialized music and early childhood teacher. This program will deepen the ability of the care giver to master the skills needed to prope their child’s language and development.
Little Rockers Music, Art, and Movement Program; inspiring your child’s inner muse.

Ages 2–5:
This program is designed to support children in achieving basic learning readiness skills including language, self-regulation, and problem solving as well as thinking skills. The joy of singing, dancing, moving, and engaging with other children will stimulate your child and lead to enhancement in their working memory, attention control, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control leading to advancement in their confidence and competence.