Social Skill Program for School Aged Child

Social Skill Program for Early Childhood Development
Social skill program for School Aged Child
Specialized Early Intervention Program
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Young children often have a difficult time navigating the social arena.  Our goal is to support the child with autism to strengthen their capacity to recognize, manage, and express the social and emotional aspects of his life.  Learning how to identify one’s own emotional needs and respect the needs of others including, forming relationships, solving everyday problems, and adapting to the complex demands of growing and developing into responsible citizens. 

Social Emotional Learning goals include self-regulation, or self-control and patience; social awareness and group participation skills. (Making friends and giving and receiving help, praise, and constructive criticism.) SEL skills also include, but are not limited to   problem solving and decision-making.  (Identifying a problem and figure out a solution) anticipating outcomes and identifying appropriate from inappropriate choices. 

Teaching perspective taking is another piece to SEL that needs to be emphasized and taught to our students.  We focus on students developing the realization that we are all unique and different as well as the same in numerous features.