Social Skill Program for Early Childhood Development

Social Skill Program for Early Childhood Development
Social skill program for School Aged Child
Specialized Early Intervention Program
Clinic or Home-Based ABA Individualized Teaching Sessions
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Early Childhood is a time of discovery and exploration.  Children in our ABA Play program learn how to manipulate objects and toys.  Children’s play is a natural modality by which children explore the world.  Play and all the experiences encapsulated in it help teach important pivotal skills such as imitation, turn taking, emotional responsiveness, problem solving, communicating, and social reciprocity.  These skills are associated with early brain development and are explicitly taught in our social skills program.  As your child learns how to learn, he must also learn how to be a social participant in the world. 

Child-centered paly activities motivate your child and reinforce fundamental growth of neuron development.   Empirically validated methodologies that address core developmental areas encourage and stimulate your child’s desire to explore.   We provide play opportunities that inspire an intrinsic desire to engage in social interactions and encourage communication, independence, creativity and confidence.